Menus & Nutrition

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Lewisville ISD Dining Services Menus


Elementary Menus

Ace's Breakfast Menu
BIC Breakfast Menu
Elementary Breakfast Menu
Elementary Breakfast Menu Breakdown
Elementary Lunch Menu
Lillie Jackson Menu
A La Cart pricing

Elementary Nutritionals

Ace's Breakfast Nutritionals August 15-17
Ace's Breakfast Nutritionals August 20-24
Ace's Breakfast Nutritionals August 27-31
Ace's Breakfast Nutritionals September 3-7
Ace's Breakfast Nutritionals September 10-14


BIC Breakfast & Lunch Nutritionals August 15-17
BIC Breakfast & Lunch Nutritionals August 20-24
BIC Breakfast & Lunch Nutritionals August 27-31
BIC Breakfast & Lunch Nutritionals September 3-7
BIC Breakfast & Lunch Nutritionals September 10-14


Elementary Breakfast & Lunch Nutritionals August 15-17
Elementary Breakfast & Lunch Nutritionals August 20-24
Elementary Breakfast & Lunch Nutritionals August 27-31
Elementary Breakfast & Lunch Nutritionals September 3-7
Elementary Breakfast & Lunch Nutritionals September 10-14


Middle School Menus

Middle School Breakfast Menu
Middle School Lunch Menu
A La Cart Drink Menu
A La Cart Menu

Middle School  Nutritionals

Middle School Breakfast & Lunch Nutritionals August 15-17
Middle School Breakfast & Lunch Nutritionals August 20-24
Middle School Breakfast & Lunch Nutritionals August 27-31
Middle School Breakfast & Lunch Nutritionals September 3-7
Middle School Breakfast & Lunch Nutritionals September 10-14


High School Menus
High School Breakfast
High School Lunch
A La Cart Menu
A La Cart Drink Menu 

High School  Nutritionals

High School Breakfast & Lunch Nutritionals August 15-17
High School Breakfast & Lunch Nutritionals August 20-24
High School Breakfast & Lunch Nutritionals August 27-31
High School Breakfast & Lunch Nutritionals September 3-7
High School Breakfast & Lunch Nutritionals September 10-14


Purnell Nutritionals

Purnell  Lunch Nutritionals August 15-17
Purnell  Lunch Nutritionals August 20-24
Purnell  Lunch Nutritionals August 27-31
Purnell  Lunch Nutritionals September 3-7
Purnell  Lunch Nutritionals September 10-14

Smart Snacks Guidelines
Smart Snacks Guidelines - Spanish