For more information about free and reduced meals and to obtain an application, please visit:

Obtain a household application for free and reduced school meals. Please see our 2 options below. 

You can apply online here:

You may also visit the Child Nutrition Office to use one of our computers.
      • An application cannot be approved until all requested fields have been completed and signed by an adult household member. 
      • If your household receives benefits from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), then your child automatically qualifies for free school meals. Please contact your school to determine if you are required to fill out an application.
Obtenga una solicitud para las comidas escolares gratuitas o de precios reducidos. 
Puede solicitar en linea aqui:
Puede visitar la ofecina de Nutricion de Ninos para utilizar la computadora.
      • La solicitud no se puede aprobar sin la firma y el número de seguro social de un adulto miembro de la unidad familiar. 
      • Si su unidad familiar recibe beneficios del Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP, Programa de Asistencia de Nutrición Suplementaria), su hijo califica automáticamente para recibir las comidas escolares gratuitamente. Póngase en contacto con su escuela para determinar si es necesario que llene una solicitud.

The National School Lunch Program (NSLP) and School Breakfast Program (SBP) provide nutritionally balanced meals to students in over 100,000 public and non-profit private schools and residential childcare programs across the country. Administered by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), the NSLP/SBP allows students whose families meet certain income requirements to receive breakfast, lunch, and after-school snacks at a free or reduced price.

Healthy school meals play an essential role in helping students thrive in and out of the classroom. Studies show that school meals help reduce absenteeism, improve test scores, and reduce disruptions in the classroom.* A school breakfast and lunch provide a minimum of UDSA’s daily recommended dietary allowance for key nutrients (25% and over 30% respectively). 

*Food Research and Action Center (FRAC). “Breakfast for Learning.” Spring 2014.

To see if your student qualifies for free or reduced-price school meals, parents or guardians can submit an application that is provided by the school district. Families may apply at any time throughout the school year. Please reach out to your school to request an application or for specific questions.

Not sure of your child’s eligibility? Income eligibility guidelines are available online for each school year to help you determine eligibility based on your household size and income level. There are no restrictions based on immigration status. Visit for details.