Food Court Solutions
Today’s high school students expect a more sophisticated dining environment and show a preference towards more “gourmet” menu options. As a result, we have created four food court solutions (where available) based on fresh ingredients and homemade specialty items. A Made-to-Order option is also available, allowing students to build their own flavor profile. Your high school students will love what we’re cooking up! 

The Green Street Deli
TM is about bold flavors and fresh ingredients, built on a sub roll that is baked daily, or perhaps rolled in a whole wheat tortilla wrap.  Make your deli choice outrageous by topping it with one of our tasty spreads!  Our signature panini feature robust ingredient combinations, including sliced chicken breast. 

a fresh Mexican concept, creates a distinctive dining experience through imagery and fresh ingredients.  Tortilla is about being authentic—no doubt about it—and nothing says that more than great-tasting Fresh Mex.  Savor the authenticity with burritos, nachos, tacos, fajitas, and quesadillas that are prepared daily with fresh ingredients.

Custom Bros. Grill Co.
TM is all about giving students the chance to express themselves by creating their own masterpieces. We provide all the components for students to design their own unique flavor combinations. Our focus is on providing a variety of lean proteins and cheeses, cold and hot toppings and condiments.

Java City -
Java City is a hand-crafted specialty coffee roaster, retailer and wholesaler selling coffee and supporting products under the Java City™, ecoGrounds™ and JCX™ brand names. Java City hand roasts only responsibly sourced coffee from farms focused on environmental protection, community enhancement and fair worker compensation. Java City products sold in K-12 schools operating federal child nutrition programs are designed to meet regulatory standards for those programs.

Pizza Hut -
Pizza Hut Express offers an exciting opportunity for high school students to enjoy one of their retail favorites in a school setting. Pizza Hut resounds with Generation Y and has answered their call for a quality, name brand pizza that meets current National School Lunch Program (NSLP) guidelines. Freshly prepared cheese and pepperoni personal pan pizzas are offered daily.